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Rum ID Card

Panama  Panama

  • Price range: $$$ ($60-90)
  • ABV: 55.2%
  • Tradition: ron (Spanish)
  • Gargano classification: modern rum
  • Ingredients: molasses
  • Age: Blend of 8-, 10- and 15-year old rums
  • Distillery: Las Cabras Distillery
  • Distillation process: Column Still
  • Casks: Ex-Bourbon Whiskey, American White Oak Casks, with a high number of barrels previously holding sherry
  • Ageing location: Panama
  • Rum master: Francisco Jose Fernandez Perez; Dan DeHart
  • Sugar tests: 0-5g/L

Main Aromas

caramel Caramel

Brown sugar

oak Oak

In depth review


Grander Rum is an independent bottler of Panama Rum. Distilled, aged, and bottled in Panama at Las Cabras Distillery, the rum is aged in a variety of casks, including ex-bourbon American white oak, ex-sherry casks, ex-rye whiskey casks, and ex-scotch casks. The rum is without any added sugar or additives. The age statements on the bottles denote the minimum age of rum in the bottle. The Grander line contains an 8 year-old, 12 year-old, Barrel Series finished in a variety of casks (including ex-rye whiskey), a Trophy Release containing a blend of 8-15 year-old rums, and finally a variety of single barrel offerings.

The Bottle

The bottle is beautiful. It is a sloped obelisk, with a tight cork enclosure. The bottle has a heavy glass base, and feels sturdy. The bottle is informative, with a lot of details about the rum, including its distillation, origins, and age. It clearly states that the rum has no additives, no sugar added, and that the age on the label is the true age of what is in the bottle. The embossed graphics of “Grander” and the symbolic Marlin are a nice touch. This feels like a “premium” product by the bottle alone. Most important is the information on the bottle allowing the purchaser to have an understanding as to what they are buying.

Into the glass

In the glass, the rum is a deep mahogany color. It has a medium body. On the nose, the aroma is light for a 55.2% ABV rum. There is a slight alcoholic burn on the nose. The aromas are dominated by caramel and brown sugar. Interestingly, the nose has some red fruit undertones, including berries and grapes. The nose also presents an overtone of sherry wine notes. There is also a dusting of oak char present in the nose, which gives way to some slight baking spices, most notably clove.

The Mouth

On the palate, the rum has a medium mouthfeel and some alcohol burn. Sherry comes through first and foremost, supported by oak spice and caramel. Midway through the tasting, red berries are present and then give way to some baking spices. The finish on the rum is dominated by caramel and brown sugar, with the lingering effect of sherry. The finish has a respectable length, and slowly dissipates and leaves the mouth with the flavor of vanilla extract. It is a pleasant experience.


Grander Trophy Release is a pleasant rum that is more complex than the other offerings in the line. Despite the proof, the alcohol is not offensive here. The addition – or rather the heavy-handed inclusion – of casks which previously held sherry is a welcome addition, presenting additional depth of flavor. This doesn’t allow just the caramel, vanilla, and brown sugar to shine, but adds an undertone of red berry, grape, and sherry to the rum, balanced out by baking spices and toasted oak. This is a nicely-blended rum where no single element dominates, and is all presented harmoniously for the consumer. Rum enthusiasts should seek out this offering to enjoy an unadulterated, Panamanian rum with additional complexities at a very respectable age.

Disclaimer: Grander Rum graciously provided samples for this rum to us.

Grander barrels



  • Beautiful bottle

  • Good cask selection

  • Well-balanced

  • Very good aging

  • Complex


  • Slightly alcoholic nose

  • Some alcohol burn on the palate

  • 76%

    RSC Score

Bottle (8/10)
Nose (14/20)
Mouth (54/70)

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