Author: Dan Silva Jr.

Rum ID Card

Jamaica  Jamaica

  • Price range: $ ($30 or less)
  • ABV: 40%
  • Tradition: rum (British)
  • Gargano classification: pure single rum
  • Ingredients: molasses
  • Age: Minimum 4 years
  • Distillery: Worthy Park Estate
  • Distillation process: 100% Pot Still
  • Casks: American white oak, ex-bourbon casks
  • Ageing location: St Catherine, Jamaica
  • Rum master: Gordon Clarke
  • Sugar tests: 0g/L

Main Aromas

Vanilla bean

caramel Caramel

Baking spices

oak Toasting oak

Light banana

Light cane / grassiness

In depth review


Worthy Park Estate was established in 1670. In 1720, it began commercial production of cane and sugar, which continues to this day. Since 1918, the Clarke family has owned the Estate. Worthy Park produced rum sporadically since the 1740s, but rum production stopped in 1962. However, in 2005, Worthy Park Estate began producing rum, yet again. The primary brand produced by Worthy Park Estate is Rum-Bar, which was launched in 2007. They are 100% pot-still Jamaican rum. The rums are synonymous with the “Jamaican Funk,” and are almost always noted for having a distinct banana-note. Rum-Bar Gold is an aged offering, spending a minimum of 4 years in ex-bourbon casks.

The Bottle

The bottle is tall and slender. It is enclosed with a screw cap, which is okay here. The bottle is easy to grab and pour from. The affixed-labels are a high-gloss paper, with red accents to represent the Gold version. Broadly promoted on the front is the Jamaican flag, symbolizing significant Jamaican pride. The rear label contains quite a lot of information, despite its small size. The rear label gives information on the Estate as well as its history. It also goes into detail about the rum itself: a blend of rums all aged in once used, American white oak, ex-bourbon barrels. However, the bottle doesn’t contain an age statement; that information is found on the Worthy Park website. The bottle also doesn’t give information on the number of rums in the blend or the respective fermentation periods, like the Silver label.

Into the glass

In the glass, the rum is a yellow gold color. The body appears thin, with thin legs on the glass. The nose is well-balanced and integrated, combining vanilla bean, caramel, toasted oak, clove, baking spices, light banana, and light grassiness. The nose isn’t necessarily dominated by any one note. The ex-bourbon barrel influence edges slightly ahead, but it is supported by undertones of banana and slight grassiness. The nose is slightly muted, and there aren’t any harsh alcohol aromas. The nose is elegant and pleasant, and is quite inviting.

The Mouth

On the palate, there is little alcohol burn or intensity. The rum is dry and matches the nose. The barrel influence is noticeable here, with notes of toasted oak, vanilla bean, baking spices and caramel that are supported by slight grassiness and banana. The flavors are well-integrated and balanced. The finish is long. The flavors presented are vanilla, caramel, light banana and a plethora of baking spices, including clove. This rum is clearly unadulterate as described on the back label. However, the mouthfeel is quite thin and astringent, and a lot of the flavors seem to hit at once, without much development over the course of the tasting. This rum is delicious on its own and is worth exploring due to its well-integrated flavors, but could also really stand out in more rum-forward cocktails like a rum old-fashioned.


Rum-Bar Gold is a wonderful Jamaican rum. The rum is well-balanced and integrated throughout. Experiencing this rum is a must for anyone interested in tasting 100% pot still Jamaican rums. At 4 years old, the rum has a lot of flavor, balancing toasted oak and baking spices with slight banana and grassiness. One could consider this rum a sipper and would not be disappointed. However, this rum would be better served at a slightly higher proof, which could bring out more flavor and really take this to a new level. Most intriguing here is the price point. What Rum-Bar Gold offers for around $20 is mind-blowing in today’s spirit world. At 4 years of age, with the flavors as presented, this is an incredible bargain. The flavors are very complex and well-integrated. To reiterate, the market is fortunate to have such a gem in Worthy Park Estate because they offer so much for anyone to explore. What is to come in the future from Worthy Park Estate is surely to be exceptional.



  • Great information on label

  • Well integrated

  • Balanced banana / baking spices

  • Unadulterated

  • No alcoholic burn


  • Thin body

  • Slightly astringent

  • Slightly muted nose

  • Taste doesn’t evolve

  • 71%

    RSC Score

Bottle (6/10)
Nose (16/20)
Mouth (49/70)

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